My work combines a passion for sound and its visual counterpart. I am interested in how these two disciplines combine to create a ‘total’ and immersive psychological experience, both discordant and harmonic. To this end I utilize a multimedia approach to creating art, an expression of philosophical, spiritual, social and psychological reactions to the 'personal' engagement with the world; both the 'seen' and the 'unseen'. This practice is best utilized through multimedia and includes scale model making, film making, lighting, installation, graphic design, soundscaping and sound manipulation to create the desired immersive psychological experience. I have exhibited both with sound/visual Installation art, video and printed media in London, New York, Europe, Australia, the Far East, and worldwide.  Please see gallery for art works.

Neophyte Capsule is currently based in Salem, MA, the historical site of the Salem Witch trials in 1692.
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