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'The cause of Art is the cause of the people…..
One day we shall win back Art,
That is to say the pleasure of life,
Win back Art again to our daily labour’.

                     WILLIAM MORRIS 1884

Art has always been an integral part of my world, shaping the view of it from both social and philosophical standpoints.

It’s been ten years now since I briefly put down a paintbrush, and finally learned how to turn a computer on, Neophyte Capsule Design is the product of the last few years of that transition from fine art to multi-media.

The passion is always for the past and its arcane expression, the design follows these principles, a celebration of past aesthetics, and the esoteric dichotomy of art and science.

Past clients have been exceptionally dynamic, from packaging design and marketing for witch Shops, herbalists, and organic lip balm manufactures, to album design and promotional videos for alternative bands, and night clubs.

From digital design, graphic design, and custom fine art, to sound and video installation there is always room here for the realization and creation of your own muse. If you are looking for design which abandons the modern gloss for the esoteric then email:

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Work in progress: Label design, Website Design, Marketing Design.
Current Client: Invocation of Salem
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