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The new album 'The Machine Gardens is in its final stages; and will be available soon. At present the proposed format will consist of both a 12 track CD and a DVD. The DVD will contain the visual explorations and experiments which follow the journey through the audio. Release dates and more information to come.
'The Machine Gardens’
'Tired of the eternal efforts to fight our way
through raw matter, we chose another way
and sought to embrace the infinite.
We went inside ourselves and created
a new world.'

                     HENRIK STEFFENS 1801

The Audio persona of Neophyte Capsule was born in 2002, after a period of creative inactivity. During this year the past regrets and history of the preceding years came back to seriously haunt me. Things got progressively worse until a suffered a crisis of belief in everything, external and internal. In order to attempt to understand what was happening, and to try and self diagnose myself; I tried to counter the fact that I couldn’t communicate verbally any more, by trying to verbalize and explain my detachment through sound. The process led me to a program of musical self analyses and therapy, a sort of psychological created synethesia. By the time I was able to remove myself from the present and digress, I realized that the process had produced enough material for further idea exploration.

Neophyte Capsule is a Shamanic and ritualistic approach to creating music, an embracement of music’s psychological origins; nature’s sounds, rhythms, patterns, repetition and tonality. Its aim to create a ‘total’ and immersive psychological experience, both discordant and harmonic. As part of the multimedia side of Neophyte Capsule, all audio is a further engagement of philosophical, spiritual, social and psychological reactions to the 'personal' engagement with the world; both the 'seen' and the 'unseen'.